Who We Are

MUNCH Jerky was founded by a Syracuse University student who was tired of the jaw-breaking meat snacks on the market. Our flavor-packed and tender flank jerky is a sigh of relief compared to “other jerky.” We want to provide our customers with a delicious, protein-packed snack that they can enjoy on-the-go. 

Our Story

It all started in 2020. Inspired by boredom and craft jerky, founder Selim Dangoor dedicated his quarantine to learning how to make beef jerky. After several batches of homemade jerky, he ironed out his process and partnered with a manufacturer to commercially launch MUNCH. He has accomplished his goal of bringing the most tender jerky on the market to the masses, but still has a long way to go.

Premium Flank Jerky

Unlike most other jerky, we use flank steak to create a jerky that packs a superior punch of flavor in every bite. Quite simply, it's the most tender jerky on the market.

Quality Ingredients

We strictly use gluten-free ingredients to deliver a superior munching experience. When it comes to jerky, the meat does all the talking. We use flank steak that is sourced less than an hour away from our manufacturer in order to produce the freshest jerky possible.

Current Flavors

Black Pepper OG

It's got a kick! A teriyaki-based flavor with hints of heat, citrus, sweet and a whole lotta TANG—this is the most tender jerky in the game. Period.

Spicy OG

Just like our Black Pepper OG, but spicier! Topped with crushed red chili peppers, it is designed for the person who wants just a little bit more kick in each bite. And, needless to say, it’s got TANG baby! #tenderAF

Where to Buy

  • Good Uncle (Syracuse)
  • Our online shop
  • Select stores near Syracuse University
  • Wherever our founder is—he's always got the jerky on him 😎

Follow Us

You can follow us on social media @munchjerky, and also join our newsletter for updates and more!